STRANGEFIRE/RIVER is a musical collaboration grounded by the SOULSPEAK poetry of Scylla in collaboration with musician George DeJong (formerly creating as the Many Voices of SOULSPEAK alongside poet Justin Spring and others).

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RIVER is an eclectic mix with an immediacy that only spontaneous speaking has. It moves from the beginning to the end like the river of music that it is. Each song has its own life, but together it’s a real trip, coast to coast. “We’re off to see the river, the wonderful river of life . . . ”

This is music you need to hear in your earphones, in your car, or with another dreamer. Listen to the sunshine. Listen to the moon come up. Listen to the ocean in your heart. Listen to my fingers touching you.

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These songs, the lyrics and the music, are created spontaneously in the studio. Nothing is prearranged or written down. Based on the spontaneous oral poetry traditions of our ancestors, a contemporary form of this poetry is called SOULSPEAK. It originated with Scylla and poet Justin Spring in the early 90’s. Through the vehicle of a non-profit organization (SOULSPEAK/SOULMOVES) Justin and Scylla were able to bring a specialized version of SOULSPEAK poetry into at-risk facilities allowing participants to easily express deep emotions in a beautiful, healing way. (See more below).

Scylla with Justin Spring

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Justin Spring has written a wonderful book, SOULSPEAK: The Outward Journey of the Soul, which is available as a:

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