SOULMOVES was an outgrowth of Scylla’s spontaneous dancing abilities. The mask and costumes evolved with time. SOULMOVES is free-flowing and expresses the mood of the moment, becoming an integral part of any program or collaborative performance.

SOULMOVES and the SOULMOVES ENSEMBLE have performed at festivals, street celebrations, art galleries, art videos and occasions of all kinds.

Scylla is currently in the studio working with other dancers to evolve the next chapter of SOULMOVES.

“Scylla Liscombe’s dancing is first and foremost spiritual: it follows her own predilections for what is beautiful and true, and they are considerable as anyone familiar with her life as a poet, artist, and dancer will attest. She is always creating, always feeling her way toward the center of the stream where everything happens if we just let it.” Justin Spring/SOULSPEAK, Poet, Video Maker

“Scylla Liscombe’s Soulmoves impeccably expresses and embodies the mood of the moment. She becomes the physical expression of the poetry/music as she spontaneously moves into the fullness of expression in a fresh, innovative, and often provocative manner.” Rev. Zan Benham, Act Your Way into Being

Thank you so much for allowing me to film you yesterday. Simple words cannot express what I witnessed. It was incredibly beautiful. You transport anyone around you to another plane of existence. It was difficult not to put the camera down and just revel in your dance. Kayl Perks, Filmmaker