Books One, Two & Three  ~  Poetry & Art
Scylla Liscombe
In Collaboration with Artists:  Dennis Alesandro, Mark Roy Mizener, Jamie Townsend

These are my poems partnered by some wonderful art. Maybe you will vibe to one of the pictures or maybe one of the poems. Enjoy the journey.

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SOULSPEAK: The Outward Journey of the Soul Justin Spring

This book is about unlocking a source of beauty already within us—a source that has been with us since we first became human. It is the first poetry—a musical, spontaneous poetry that can arise out of us once we reawaken it. This poetry is called SOULSPEAK and the poems, speakings. Some will be challenged to create their own speakings. Others will be drawn to the history and nature of this ancient poetry, and some to what it can teach us about poetry in general.

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