About Scylla

Scylla Liscombe is a poet, dancer, and visual artist. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, she majored in dance at Radford University (Va.) and currently lives in Sarasota, Florida. 

Scylla is one of the few poets in the country working in the ancient, spontaneous, spoken mode of composition to music. She is the originator, along with Justin Spring, of SOULSPEAK a contemporary version of the ancient oral poetry used by all cultures prior to reading and writing. Through the vehicle of a non-profit organization, SOULSPEAK/SOULMOVES they were able to share the healing power of spontaneous and collaborative poetry, dance and art with the community-at-large especially at-risk populations.  Scylla served as executive director and as an adjunct to the organization, she initiated a publishing press and served as editor issuing numerous poetry titles.

Through the years Scylla, solo and in partnership with Justin Spring, has been featured in numerous SOULSPEAK poetry performances at colleges, clubs and on videos and recordings. Scylla is also the founder, and director of SOULMOVES which promotes spontaneous dance that expresses the mood of the moment often using mask and costume. She also creates mixed-media art works which are exhibited locally and online. Currently Scylla is promoting an experimental project with SOULMOVES for current and past dancers and staff members at Sarasota Contemporary Dance where she also volunteers organizing the costume inventory.

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